Hello all!

For the beginning of November, I wanted to show you a more behind-the-scenes, raw look at the project, so this one is a little different. Shot by Matt, our Wyrm Lyfe cameraman, and a bit more casual, we stopped by various areas of the Massachusetts facility to give you a look at the ongoing work for the Modular Desk. I hope you enjoy it!

Key Takeaways

  • Beta desktops have been produced and looking (and feeling) great! The new bracing for XL models is set up, and will be made of genuine hardwood, but the species of the bracing may not match your desktop. However, the one section of the bracing visible from the front will always match your desktop, so the only vantage point to see any “mismatched” wood will be from underneath the desk.
  • We’ve worked out packaging for the desktops, which includes built in cushioning and crush zones to ensure that the desktop surface and corners won’t be damaged in transit from impacts or other shipping-related trauma.
  • The XL desks shown are final models, that will be shipped out to a customer (provided they pass quality control checks, obviously!).
  • All elements of the cubby system are going through final checks as part of the beta run. Some small changes have been made to improve the product, mostly to do with the joinery. We’ve moved away from a system using only screws to a system supported by mortises to improve the strength and durability of the cubbies, as we mentioned last time. The samples on our final hardware for drawer runners have also arrived, and look great.
  • Cable management is going well, but getting a very slight change to the joinery on the ends. It’s all looking quite well, however.
  • The frame manufacturer, as mentioned last time, will be here for us to approve the final sample so we can place the order. This should be occurring this week (scheduled for today). We’ll do a final test and fit with their frame on a Standard and XL, and then we can – at long last – immediately proceed to place the order then and there.
  • Shipping, as we’ve indicated, should begin when the frames arrive, likely to be mid-December.
  • The PC Tower Mount and Mount Mount will be pushed up into development as soon as we wrap up all the major components and get production going. These items are dependent on the desk itself, and so developing them alongside or ahead of finalizing the desktop, cubbies, etc., would have been putting the cart before the horse. However, with the end of the development for all of this in sight, we’re ready to return to these soon. Further updates will detail where these are in development. For those customers that have ordered them, we’ll likely be splitting them off from the initial shipments. More concrete information on this will come, too, once we’re beginning shipping.

Next Update: November 15th

I hope this look at the shop and the ongoing work on the project was interesting! Thank you for your patience, and we’ll check back in on the 15th with the latest update on production of the desk and frames, and I’ll aim to include a concrete shipping timeline.

~ Ed Maranville, Customer Experience at Wyrmwood