DM Screen Solid Panel


Product Description

Solid wood construction with an elegant framed design. The Solid Panel gives you a traditional, clean barrier between you and your players. If you like a more minimalist look and a traditional approach, building your screen with Standard Panels may be the best option for you! If you’d like something a bit more innovative, check out the Display Panel. Of course, you can mix and match – a Display Panel flanked by two Solid Panels is our favorite configuration.

The GM-facing side of the Display Panel features a magnetic Note Bar along the top, where you can easily affix a jotted down observation or off-the-cuff idea, so you can return to it when you need to, using our Magnetic pins. You can also use the other six embedded magnets to attach Acrylic Panels or our Mag Plates and Master Trackers, for a customized Game Master Screen solution.

Woods of Wyrmwood

We use a variety of woods from around the world in the creation of our products. Not only is respecting the wood important to us, educating your customers about the material is important too.

Dimensions & Weight

Weight24 oz