Prophecy Accessories

An unrivaled collection of accessories to customize your table as you see fit, from cup holders to master shelves and more, your gaming experience will never be the same again. These accessories are all either compatible with our magnetic rail or are paired with specific aspects of the table, such as our topper leaves.

Existing Prophecy furniture customers will have their Prophecy accessory orders expedited (estimated shipping 2-6 weeks)


These accessories streamline storing toppers or other accessories.

Topper Storage Bag


Dine in style with cup holders, magnetic tablecloths, and more.

Large Cup Holder

Small Cup Holder

Nested Large
Cup Holder

Nested Small
Cup Holder

Mug Holder

Cork Coasters

Brewski Buddy

Magnetic Tablecloth Pin System


Game like never before with tools to hold poker chips, game components, D&D sheets or laptops, and more!

Player Desk

Component Organizer

Nested Component

Card Organizer

Poker Chip Holder

Tracker Block

Master Shelf

For Devices

Whether charging your phone, storing your controller, or storing your headphones, we have what you need.

Player Power Pack

Controller Caddy

Headphone Stand

Universal Hanger

More to Love

Battlemats, overlays, neoprene, and more!


Acrylic Overlays

Neoprene Mats

Wet-Erase Markers

Wet-Erase Cleaner

Ready to Fulfill Your Prophecy?

The configurator will assist you in the process of crafting your ideal table, or you can choose to have a Prophecy concierge guide you by calling 774-226-8026 ext. 1 or emailing