The Prophecy


Existing Prophecy furniture customers will have their Prophecy accessory orders expedited (estimated shipping 2-6 weeks)

Large Cup Holder

Our general purpose cup holder is a perfect fit for glasses and tumblers. Keep your beverage of choice close at hand, but not in the way. Dishwasher safe stainless steel insert included.

Small Cup Holder

Sized perfectly for cans and glass bottles, the Small Cup Holder includes a cutaway to accommodate stemware. Dishwasher safe stainless steel insert included.

Component Organizer

Many hobbies include myriad small components, and gaming is no exception! Stay organized and give them a dedicated space with our Component Organizer.

Nested Component Organizer

The Nested Organizer features the same elegant dish as our Component Organizer, but with contoured sides, allowing it to join closely to another Rail Accessory to save space.

Card Organizer

The Card Organizer gives you a dedicated space to arrange your cards when you’re not holding them, keeping them visible and accessible when you go hands-free.

Master Shelf

Designed expressly for Game Masters, the Master Shelf provides a generous, elevated space at the head of the table, perfect for arranging a role-playing screen, laptop or tablet, and more.

Player Desk

Another accessory designed with role-playing games in mind, the Player Desk allows players their own dedicated area with room for character sheets, contoured dish for tokens or dice, and a tray for writing implements.

Player Power Pack

A USB/cordless battery pack to keep your phone, tablet and other essentials powered and ready when you need them. Stop wasting gaming time searching for an outlet or tripping over charging cables.


Custom sized to fit the interior of your Prophecy Gaming Table, the Battlemat is a double-sided grid (1″ square/hex) to enhance and aid in your favorite miniature-based role playing games and wargames.

Acrylic Overlay

Custom sized to fit the interior of your Prophecy Gaming Table, the Acrylic Overlay gives you a transparent, dry erase friendly surface to further enhance your game sessions. The possibilities are limitless!

Topper Storage Bag

The dining topper is essential to get the most from your Prophecy Gaming Table, but when you’re using the gaming surface below, choose this convenient, beautiful option to store and protect your investment.

Your Prophecy Awaits

The Wyrmwood DM Screen is back, and better than ever! 🎲🐉⚔️🏰🧙🏻‍♂️  Learn More