Hello all,

We’re back in the shop once again, with our newly renovated offices and conference room, so we’ll be resuming our regular video updates from here on out. Thanks for your patience in this transitional period. Now, let’s talk about the status of the project.

Key Takeaways

  • We are coordinating the pickup of the initial batch of orders with our carriers, which has unfortunately required more paperwork and legwork than expected, leading to an unintentional miscommunication in our last update that the pickup was imminent. That said, this is the first shipment for the Modular Desk, so there won’t be similar holdups with subsequent pickups. We are confirmed as on the schedule with our carriers, though we haven’t been given a final hard date for all pickups. One carrier has confirmed a pickup Friday, and we anticipate the others will be around the same time, but that is not guaranteed. Apologies again for the miscommunication last time. Clients in the initial run, you can expect follow-up communication soon with your delivery window.
  • As part of our recent renovations, the customer service office was outfitted with some Modular Desks. Note that these are not desks we could have shipped to you – these were early run alpha tests, that weren’t suitable to ship out for various reasons. But, they do represent the final version of the product, with all of the improvements we’ve made over the past months. Getting hands-on with the final version has been great for everyone, and our experiences with the product from assembly to use have been smooth and positive – we’re more confident than ever you’re going to love them when you get yours soon.
  • The next batch of 10-12 orders is in production, and making its way through the production flow at various stages. The furthest along orders are in the finishing room and days away from completion, while some other desks from this batch remain 1-2 weeks out.
  • Now that the production process is functioning and complete, a major goal for the company is to accelerate Modular Desk fulfillment. We want to push hard to move orders through, and get them to you as quickly as possible.
  • Remaining development is set to be wrapped up in the next few weeks, though that development is not holding up any of these initial orders.
  • As noted, the first pickup is occurring in a matter of days, and we expect to have a new batch of desks ready for pickup in a week or so. We are still ironing out the frequency of pickups, but we are definitely moving towards a weekly pickup model, and aiming to have that fixed in place in 4-6 weeks, if not sooner.
  • We’ll continue to reach out to those with imminent shipments, so we can confirm addresses and contact information. Thank you in advance for responding promptly once we reach out!
  • If you’ve moved since placing your order, or will be soon, get in touch to let us know! We want to make sure your Modular Desk reaches you safe and sound, so please keep your address with us up to date. It’s important to note that if you’ve updated your address through WyrmwoodGaming.com, this does not affect orders you’ve already placed! The only way to change the address of a placed order is by contacting us directly, so drop us a line at sales@wyrmwoodgaming.com if you need us to change that.

Next Update: May 1st

Thank you for your patience and support, as always, and we look forward to showing you our progress in the coming weeks and months as we accelerate our production and work to increase our throughput. We’re starting small, slow and steady, but we’re not content to let things stand there. We greatly appreciate your faith in us and support of our work, and we’re proud of the results you’ve helped us create. We can’t wait to hear how you feel once you get these desks in your homes, and we’ll continue to push hard to get more and more of them out as soon and as frequently as we possibly can.

~ Ed Maranville, Customer Experience at Wyrmwood