Hello everyone!

I’m back with your mid-month check-in. Let’s catch up and review.


Order Finalization & Payment Process

  • The finalization process is nearly ready to roll out. As some of you may be aware, we’ve been integrating various furniture products into our site and working on the configurator and finalization process not just for Modular Desk, but as a comprehensive system that can work for the Prophecy and Modular Gaming Table, as well.
  • We’ve done some testing on the system with the Modular Gaming Table project, which allowed us to work out the vast majority of the kinks before we open up the Desk version, and then, finally, the Prophecy version later on. The remaining operation is to rollout the final part of the MGT process, but all in all, things have gone very well, and we expect to be able to open up the Modular Desk version as soon as April 21st – April 28th.

Project Progress & Development

  • The custom frame has been decided. We received and approved the pricing, and the necessary changes and remaining development is in progress. The manufacturing will take place in the US, and they frequently do custom work, meaning turnaround will be much better than it would have been from many other sources, allowing us to receive frames quickly once everything is final.
  • The new accessories are moving through production, and while no runs have yet made it all the way through to boxing and inventory, they’re getting close, and there are no significant problems encountered with these early runs.
  • Pre-production “alpha” models for major desk components are being prepared, and the actual production process for these is spinning up soon. This is not quite a “prototype” since we’re past that – rather, the alpha models confirm final designs prior to greenlighting full production. Cubbies and shelving units will be first in line, followed by the desktop itself, and finally the cable management system.
  • In terms of the fulfillment timeline, it is likely to be determined by the turnaround of the custom frames. Thankfully, we chose a relatively nimble manufacturer that is located within the country, but it will still take some time to finalize and receive the first of these, which may put us a bit later in shipping initial orders. We estimate we’re 4-8 weeks from having frames start to arrive.

The Modular Desk: Timeline Update

Note that this is a “zoomed out” overview, meant to give a broad impression, rather than a super granular take. The nature of reality with complex projects is that the more granular a timeline is, the less likely it is to remain accurate.

  • April: Orders begin finalizing. Production on all products begins, based on earliest orders and estimates.
  • May: Production continues based on concrete order data.
  • Late May/Early June: Frames arrive, fulfillment begins: the first desks are planned to ship in late May, early June.

Coming Soon: Finalization & Production

It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-April; we thank you for your patience while we get our proverbial “ducks” in a row. The ordering experience is getting better, and the extra time and testing through the MGT project has allowed us to make it the best that it can be for you.

As we ramp up our production in the coming weeks, I want to task our media team with getting footage of the work in progress so I can share that with you. There’s nothing quite like seeing it all come together, and I want to be sure to let you experience that – after all, without your support, it wouldn’t be happening!

I’ll have another update on the 1st of the month. Until then, all the best!

~ Ed Maranville, Customer Experience at Wyrmwood