We’re back with another regularly scheduled update! This time, we’re going to touch base on the items we discussed last time, and see some Modular Desks “in the wild!” Let’s dive in.

Order Finalization & Payment Process

  • At this stage, we’re expecting to open up for order confirmations and finalization soon after the holiday season, in early 2023. This is dependent on the system being fully fleshed out, naturally. A firm date isn’t set yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as we have one.
  • In terms of payment plans, we’re exploring several options. Specifically, we’re actively in contact with multiple point-of-sale lenders (like Affirm, to name one example) to find the best fit for us and the product.
  • These companies have been widely deployed and embraced by many shoppers, and offer a smooth, hassle-free approach to financing. Since our goal is to provide the smoothest experience for both you and us, this is a promising avenue.
  • Work continues on the website configuration front, but some of that will be guided by the structure of the payment process, so that’s the first major piece we’ll want to solidify.

Project Progress & Development

  • Last time, we discussed the finger jointing machine, which was due in. This has been running late, so has not been delivered yet. However, it is now scheduled to arrive around the 23rd – it looks like it’s turning into a Christmas present for all of us!
  • Due to the holiday crunch, we haven’t had the time necessary this month to assemble the cubby, vet the hardware and record the process. However, obviously this is important and will be coming soon!
  • Pricing on the PC Mount is still in progress.
  • In the meantime, we’ve been assembling material in anticipation of the finger jointer’s arrival. All of the pallets of material you see below are ready and waiting to become Modular Desk tops and panels!

The Modular Desk: Real World Setups

  • While we have not built new Modular Desks, we broke down the photo set for the campaign.
  • These desks are prototypes, not suitable for sale or external use for a variety of reasons.
  • We have given out the photo set desks to employees here at Wyrmwood MA.
  • This serves two purposes (beyond making employees happy): first, it gives these desks a home, rather than a dumpster. Second, it allows us to see how they perform and get feedback from actual users. This will help us refine and improve the desks we build for you.
  • Below, take a look at the desks we have in use at the shop!
Jason’s Cherry Standard
Nick manning his Elm XL
Jiarui shows off her Padauk Standard
Ed’s Cherry XL

Next Stop: 2023!

Mid to late December is a slow time for news, as we near the end of the holiday rush and brace for the brief respite this time provides. That said, we’re still working to keep you in the loop and make sure everything is in place. So far everything is going well and we don’t anticipate any problems with the timeline.

We’re excited to keep the project moving and get desks shipping in 2023. Until then, we’ll keep steadily moving the pieces into place. Enjoy the holidays, and we’ll catch up with you all in 2023!

~ Ed Maranville, VP Crowdfunding Fulfillment for Wyrmwood