Welcome to the first Modular Desk check-in of the new year! With the holidays winding down, it’s a quiet time, but there’s a lot to look forward to in 2023.

Order Finalization & Payment Process

  • We intend to roll out the payment plan early in the new year.
  • We’ve brought a developer on board to build out the necessary website functionality. He’s already actively working on the site.
  • The goal is a system where you can use our configurator tool (the one you can find here) to build your desk, add the items to cart with a click, and proceed to check out. Your deposit will be reflected there, and you’ll be able to simply pay the balance, all at once or via a payment plan.
  • The two main challenges we’re working on are integrating the configurator with our shopping cart, and working out a logistical hurdle having to do with XL desks, owing to the fact that they are, well, extra large.

Project Progress & Development

  • Our finger-jointing machine, sadly, did not arrive in time for Christmas, being again delayed. It is now set to be delivered in the coming week. We’ll keep you posted!
  • With the holidays over, we’ll be working to ramp up development and get these desks into active production in the coming months.

The Modular Desk: 2023 Timeline Update

It’s a new year, which presents a good opportunity to look at our working timeline for this project. While this shouldn’t be considered final and iron-clad, this is the current estimate. Changes will be posted as necessary.

Finally, this is a “zoomed out” overview, meant to give a broad impression, rather than a super granular take. The nature of reality with complex projects is that the more granular a timeline is, the less likely it is to remain accurate.

  • January: the finger-jointing machine will arrive. It will take some time to set up and test, but should be operational and ready by late January/early February. Work on the website will continue.
  • February: The finalization process should roll out, which will allow us to collect final orders and get them into production.
  • March: Production of orders begins.
  • April: Production ramps up as we prepare for fulfillment.
  • May: Fulfillment begins! The first desks should be shipping out during this month.

Happy New Year to All!

This quiet, post-holiday update marks the end of 2022 and the promise of the new year ahead – the year in which we begin delivering the Modular Desk to you. Desks are on track to be arriving in just a few short months, and begin changing the way you work, play and create. As always, Wyrmwood is honored to be invited into your life, and we thank you for your support of our work.

~ Ed Maranville, VP Crowdfunding Fulfillment for Wyrmwood