Barenpark is a card drafting/tile placement game intended for 2-4 players with light experience.

Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica. Two of those things aren’t in this game. That’s right, this fast-paced game about beets will knock your socks off, and chan-. Oh, wait. This is the game about bears? That’s WAY different.

Barenpark has you complete (probably) the most challenging task in the world: build your own bear park to entertain the masses. Forget any other animal out there, these parks are for bears and bears alone. Make your park as gorgeous as possible, attracting visitors and ensuring they’re entertained and well fed. The visitors, not the bears. But also, feed the bears.

Draft cards and place tiles on a grid, earning points for animal houses, outdoor areas, and completed construction. Make sure you build quickly as well, as soon as a player finishes expanding their park, the game ends and points are tallied. You’re probably bear-ly able to contain your excitement at the prospect of this game, and rightfully so. It’s impawssible to not have fun with this one!


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Players: 2-4, (4 recommended)

Play Time: 30-45 minutes

Want to learn how to play quickly? Check out this excellent video made by Shut Up & Sit Down!



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Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in

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