DM Screen Display Panel


Product Description

Sold by the panel, this modular, magnetic system lets you craft your ideal setup. For a  barrier, the Solid wood display panel with an elegant framed design ensures a seamless DM-player interaction. The DM-facing side features a magnetic Note Bar and six embedded magnets for various accessory attachment. Each Panel features hidden Magnets enabling you to add screens seamlessly. The versatile Display Panel adds a unique touch, included is a Maple insert features our maker’s mark, but it’s reversible. You can choose other wood inserts or opt for a clear acrylic panel to showcase artwork. Personalize your setup with this versatile and stylish option.

Woods of Wyrmwood

We use a variety of woods from around the world in the creation of our products. Not only is respecting the wood important to us, educating your customers about the material is important too.

Dimensions & Weight

Weight24 oz