Hello everyone!

Let’s check in at the beginning of this new month to see how things are progressing since we last spoke.

Key Takeaways

  • Desktop still in “alpha” but being finalized. This week, we expect to finalize the alpha and move into beta.
  • Cable management system is completely engineered for Standard size, and moving to alpha now. The XL is about half through engineering, pending successful alpha on the Standard. It’s relatively simple to wrap that up, but rather than completely engineer both sizes, then make necessary changes on both, we’ll fully verify Standard, then echo those modifications to XL and rapidly move it to alpha, as well.
  • We’re meeting with the frame manufacturer to do a comprehensive, point-by-point review to make sure they’re fully set on the design and that all of our changes and requests have been correctly noted. With that done, we should be clear to place the first order. This meeting is taking place today, August 1st.
  • Shipping was estimated to take 1-4 weeks to begin, as per the recent updates. Unfortunately, it looks more like 8 weeks would be a better target at this point. The reason for this is that we are getting more realistic ETAs from manufacturers, now that we’re placing the orders. Until now, we’ve had ETAs based on quotes, but as we lock in orders, the ETAs become more firm. As we finalize the last orders, we’ll get more dialed in ETAs for you on the first Modular Desk shipments, which we should hopefully have to share in the next update.
  • We’re working on some updates and new accessories, though not very aggressively; obviously, the priority is getting the Desk and current accessory lineup solid and produced, before working on anything new. But it’s worth noting that the system is continuing to evolve and grow, and there will be new ways to use your Modular Desk and new options to expand its functionality coming beyond what’s possible at launch.
  • Soon, we’ll be shifting all of design team onto Modular Desk, as they are freed up from earlier commitments the company had to tackle first. That should accelerate the remaining engineering work significantly.

Next Update: August 15th

We hope this has been an informative look into the Modular Desk process. Thank you very much for watching, and for your patience as we get all the pieces in place. We’ve learned a lot manufacturing furniture for our table clients, and we’re applying all that we’ve learned to the Modular Desk process to make it much more streamlined and successful once it enters production.

The Modular Gaming Table is running very smoothly now, but it took us over two years to get to that point – and over that time, there were many frustrations and challenges. We’ve been investing time up until now to stave off similar issues, and that will pay dividends as we move forward into production and fulfillment.

On the 15th, I’ll bring you the latest news. As always, I look forward to beginning to actually ship out these items to you, so you can enjoy the fruits of our labor these past months! Thank you for making the Modular Desk a reality, and being among the first to receive one.

~ Ed Maranville, Customer Experience at Wyrmwood