Hello all!

It’s the middle of October, so it’s time for another check-in.


Key Takeaways

  • Development on all components is proceeding well. Last time we mentioned getting the processes divided between Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. We have determined what this will look like, and Pennsylvania is finalizing workstations to handle what they need to in that facility, and we’re buttoning up the last documents for engineering to complete that hand-off. The XL desktop is nearly completely through development, as well.
  • Cable management is moving quickly into the final development stages, both in standard and XL sizes.
  • Lastly, the cubbies are being upgraded slightly via improved joinery. This change will make the product better, but won’t create any significant delays or necessitate any further changes, such as hardware or other components. So this is purely good news. Final engineering is taking place on all other aspects of the cubby system.
  • The frames were a bit held up due to our manufacturer waiting for some electronic components from their supplier. That has been cleared up, and in a week or so, a representative from the frame manufacturer will be coming to our location with an updated prototype to assemble it with us and make sure everything is buttoned up and correct. Once that is verified, we can place the order at last, and that will allow us to set a date for shipping to begin at last!
  • Shipping, as we’ve indicated, should begin when the frames arrive, some weeks after we place the order. We’ll have a solid ETA once the order is in, and we will of course provide that to you ASAP. That said, the delays with the frames are not purely negative, as it does give us more time to wrap up all the loose ends and begin production. The end result should be that we are producing inventory that will be ready to ship as soon as we receive the completed order of frames, and that will enable our fulfillment to hit the ground running and immediately start shipping orders within days of the frames arriving in our shop. In the meantime, we continue to clear elements of the project for production and send more and more of the necessary elements to production.

Next Update: November 1st

For the next update, desktops should be cleared for production and may be in production. Cable management will be through development and handed off to production. Frames should be approved and ordered. Finally, cubbies, drawers and all other elements should be finishing up. In all, about half of the items in the project should be cleared for production by the 1st of November.

We’ll check in then, and let you know how all of that is going. Thank you, as always, for your support and patience while we move into the final stages of preparation and development, and onto production!

~ Ed Maranville, Customer Experience at Wyrmwood