Hello all!

As we begin another month, let’s check in on our progress.

Key Takeaways

  • Standard Desktop production in on the cusp of beginning! The Desktop, as well as other items, are manufactured in both of our facilities – it starts in Massachusetts, and finishes in Pennsylvania. We’re finalizing the process engineering to determine which parts of the process occur where, and once that’s nailed down, we’ll get it rolling into production. Presently, Pennsylvania is developing packaging for the desktop, which they’re going to ship to us via UPS, so we can put it through a real-world stress test!
  • The XL Desktop “rigidity” problem is fixed. There was some flex observed in the large format of the desktop, but this won’t be an issue with the changes we’ve made. We’ll then put it through the paces of beta and process engineering, and have that in production within, most likely, a couple of weeks.
  • Cable management is looking good, and we’re moving into the same part of the process discussed above, determining where the work is performed and checking off all the final boxes prior to scale production.
  • Cubbies are being locked down, as well, with the final hardware coming to enable final tests, but all looks good so far! It’s very exciting to be so near to the end of the process… which is really the beginning of production and fulfillment.
  • The frames are looking good. We had a couple of minor tweaks that needed to be addressed prior to the order. The manufacturer is aware of these, and once they give us the go-ahead and confirm the changes are all set, we’ll get that order in. We’re chomping at the bit to place it, but we do need to wait for them to confirm the updates before we can place that order, since obviously these need to be perfect!
  • One interesting thing to note with this project was that most of the items we offered were at least somewhat popular. Typically, we offer tons of options and accessories, and there are always a few “misses” that we think are really cool, but find hardly anyone actually wants. Not so with the Modular Desk, though – the least popular offering, the Monitor Ledge, was present in 50% of orders, so it certainly seems like the lineup was “all killer, no filler.” We hope we can maintain this standard with future expansions to the line!
  • The last items that will enter production are going into alpha now, so we’re relatively close to having everything in the project passed off to production. With this project, the order of operations was important, since so much of it is dependent on other elements. But with the major components mostly there, we can wrap up all the remaining loose ends.
  • The date of shipping will be determined by the frame order, as we’ve been expecting. We’re in touch with the frame manufacturer weekly, and we certainly hope to lock that down and get the order placed as soon as we possibly can. In the meantime, we’ll focus on getting everything into production so that, when frames arrive, we can immediately begin shipping orders.

Next Update: October 15th

That’s it for this one! Thank you all for your continued patience and support, and I look forward to getting you all your Modular Desks – Monitor Ledges and all – as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting our designs and work – it means a lot to all of us here at Wyrmwood.

~ Ed Maranville, Customer Experience at Wyrmwood