Hello all!

As we come up on the middle of another month, it’s time to check in and see how we’re proceeding on the project.

Key Takeaways

  • The Standard Desktop is being prepared for production, most likely in our Pennsylvania facility. Initially, we’d planned to complete all the work for the Modular Desk in our Massachusetts facility, as Pennsylvania didn’t have the bandwidth for the work. However, that’s less of a concern now, and the Pennsylvania facliity is well-suited to handle furniture, especially in the finishing stage, so we’re setting up everything needed to get production moving in PA soon, now that the desktops are nearly ready for it.
  • The XL frame had some flex in it that we weren’t happy with, and we have a solution in the works for the problem that we’re testing now. We think we’ve found a way to add some rigidity without adding an excess of weight, which is great.
  • Speaking of weight, a common question is the weight capacity of these sit-stand frames. While we don’t have a hard number yet, we will be providing that soon. The challenge is going to be producing this figure in a useful, relevant way. It’s important to note that every Modular Desk is going to have a different threshold for how much weight you can add to the desk once you’ve assembled it. The reason for this is that wood species vary in weight significantly, and there’s also many unique loadouts possible with our design. That said, realistically, we don’t anticipate this being a problem for the vast majority of owners – the frames have a rated weight limit of hundreds of pounds, somewhere in the range of 500-600 we believe, and we’ve operated them with Jason and Johnny SITTING on top of a desktop… but all the same, we do want to provide the figure since it is of interest. We’ll have more information on that as soon as we can.
  • The Cable Management system is moving forward, as expected. We received the bracket assembly that we mentioned last time, and those look good. We will be reviewing the finalized alpha and make a couple of very minor changes, and then we can move it forward further. The XL Cable Management system is about to enter the alpha phase, now that the brackets are in, as well. We’re not expecting any difficulties here.
  • A sample is headed our way from the frame manufacturer. While we’ve had a sample of the frame itself, this new sample is essentially a final, packaged version – in other words, the same package we’ll be sending to all of you. Once we look over this and approve it, we’ll be good to place our order and get that moving. The manufacturer is eager to get started, and will jump once we do submit that order, and once we do that, we’ll have a solid ETA on the initial order, at last. You can expect to hear that in the next update.
  • We’re still on track for getting all or nearly all of the Modular Desk components into production in the next 2-4 weeks, which is on track with the timeline we’ve been projecting for a while now.
  • Given that, we are also still on track for potentially shipping the first orders in that 2-4 week range… with the significant caveat of the frames, which will be the final piece of the puzzle to arrive, in all likelihood. But it’s looking like we’ll be in full production, and have product ready to go once they arrive.

Next Update: October 1st

Thank you for your continued patience! In the next update, coming up on the 1st, we hope to have continued good news. We’ll also have our frame order ETA, which is very likely to be the start date for our first shipments! Until then, thanks again, and we’ll see you soon.

~ Ed Maranville, Customer Experience at Wyrmwood